• Allie Wood

2019: Year in Review

Here I was reminiscing about 2019 and thinking I didn't have enough new work to make a year in review! That's often the case, isn't it, that when you look back at something as a whole you forget all the small moments that made that big thing. I went back through my "completed projects" and "current projects" folders and saw lots of things I've made this year I was very excited about making. But the busyness of the lead up to Christmas made me forget all those little projects, the little moments.

2019 has been a fantastic year for me as a freelancer. I feel like 2017 was a year of finding my feet in the uncertainty that is freelance life, 2018 was about establishing myself a bit more, and 2019 was about growth, development and pushing boundaries, both in my projects and in myself as a creative.

I've gained a few more regular clients in areas of design and art direction I've been wanted to wiggle my way into for a while. I turned down projects that weren't quite right or I didnt think would build me long term, and it was worth it to now have the time for these great clients.

I'm expanding my skill set even more, dabbling more in packaging, art directing spaces and bigger sets.

I've made more creative connections this year than ever before. I've sorely missed Bristol not featuring many design talks this year, as I love networking and chatting to new creatives there. But I've found LinkedIn and Instagram great at meeting new creatives in the meantime.

I feel really hopeful about next year - January is starting with a bang and I'm going to hit the ground running to make sure it's a very productive month.

I am writing some goals and targets for next year - specifically in areas of design, such as wanting to dabble in Cinema 4D and do more event art direction, but also the sort of clients I want to be reaching, such as some more big global brands. I also want to start using my skills for social injustice issues, I'm wildly passionate about people feeling loved and worthy so I'm figuring out how I will make that work together. Another goal, which has been a goal of mine for the last 3 years, is to do some design for the Paralympic Games or Invictus Games, and meet some of the athletes. Disability is something close to my heart and I want to start celebrating people of all abilities through my creativity. I feel like this goal will be 5, 10 or maybe 20 years down the line, but it's one I'll keep working towards and figuring out how to get there! So to conclude, here's my year in review, featuring just a few of my favourite projects from this year. I'm not allowed to share most of my work, but I think this review summaries the year nicely.

Here's to 2020.