• Allie Wood

Caleño content shoot - Behind the Scenes

Recently I reconnected with Ellie, founder of Caleño, and was asked to work on a new content shoot for her.

The brief was to create some fun, colourful, and slightly abstract content for social media to showcase the bottle, the serve and the energy of Columbia and vibrancy of the flavours. Teamed with Hacker Photography, we had a 2 day shoot to complete a series of themes. For me, a classic schedule of an art direction project looks like: Day 1 - Initial conversation about the project, work out my availablity

Day 2 - Commitment to the project and advanced briefing Day 3 - Project budget and allocation for props, advanced prop list for client approval

Day 4-7 - Developed planning of content, storyboarding, colour matching, planning

Day 5 -12 - Sourcing props, prepping props for shoot Day 13 - Delivery of props to shoot location, set up, organisation for shoot day

Day 14 - Shoot day(s)

Here's some behind the scenes of us at work.

@alliewoodstudio @calenodrinks