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Taylor Wimpey
Jamie Wynn,
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We were tasked with branding a whole town; creating a logo that represented the width and breadth of what Sherford would represent but, as Sherford is a 20 year build project, the brand still needed to be relevant in 20 years time- ignoring latest trends and colour themes and focusing on pure original design.



We listed the key features of Sherford and then refined this down to 5 points; homes, leisure, education, sustainability and community. I wanted to create a logo that was dynamic enough that all these areas could be represented in it's fullest but would also fit together as a brand and as a whole. This is where the idea of having an icon for each section of Sherford came about, together forming a crest and visually representing everything Sherford is. 


The different sections will be utilised in the relevant areas of the town; the sustainability icon will be featured around the parks and natural areas, the leisure icon will be showcased in the architecture and landscape of the leisure facilities and so on. 


Sherford is a large project, and is estimated to be finished around 2038. In the meantime, we are enjoying seeing our brand come to life on site.